Special Investigator I

Job Title:  Special Investigator I


Ten years of satisfactory experience in criminal investigation work as a sworn police officer in the State of New York as defined by Section 1.20 (34) of New York Criminal Procedure Law, with a minimum of five (5) years of experience in criminal investigation work with police officer status in one of the following specialized fields: public corruption, index crime, collision investigation, civil forfeiture, law enforcement crime analysis and Medicaid fraud.  

Required Skills and Abilities

Thorough knowledge of applicable New York State statutes, court decisions, and administrative rulings pertaining to violations of laws.

Skill in ascertaining facts by personal contact, observation and examination of records.

Skill in the use and care of firearms and in unarmed defense.

Ability to use technical investigative equipment.

Ability to testify effectively in court.

Ability to prepare detailed reports.

Starting Salary:  $98,902

This is a competitive title and appointments are made off Civil Service lists consisting of individuals who have taken and passed an examination.

For more information, contact:

Nassau County Civil Service Commission

40 Main St.

Hempstead, NY 11501

Phone: (516) 572-1882