Safety Tips & Red Flags

Senior citizens can avoid being scammed by following a few simple safety tips and recognizing red flags.

Nassau County District Attorney (DA) Kathleen Rice today said complaints to her office regarding senior citizens being scammed have doubled since last year. To combat the uptick in scams, the DA is launching an educational campaign to help senior citizens protect themselves from those who prey on this vulnerable population. Her efforts will include an educational poster campaign that highlights the “red flags” to look and listen for when a scammer is attempting to fleece a senior citizen out of their money. Click here to read the entire press release issued by the DA's Office.

Helpful Resources

If you believe you have been the target of a scam, please contact the DA's Office at 516-571-3505.

To schedule a presentation by the DA's Office on how to avoid being victimized by scammers, please contact the DA's Office at 516-571-3343.

  1. Phone Call Asking For Bail
  2. Email Asking For Bail
  3. Sweepstakes Scam
  4. Secret Shopper Scam
  5. Bloated Check Scam
  6. Phishing Scam
  7. Jury Duty Scam

The request comes from a caller requesting a large sum of money in order to bail a grandchild or loved one out of jail. One victim of this scam said the caller concocted a whole story that her “grandson was with a friend driving in Buffalo, New York and crossed the Canadian border and was arrested for drug possession.” He instructed her to wire money to Canada to post bail.

Red Flags That a Scam is in the Works

Here are some red flags to look for to protect yourself from being scammed, according to Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice:

  • Anyone you’ve never met or spoke to on the phone that is asking for money through the Internet or to be wired to them is scamming you
  • Always thoroughly research anyone you meet on a social-networking or Internet dating website
  • Be very suspicious if you are asked to send anything through a third party
  • Be very suspicious if an email has misspellings, broken English, or any grammatical anomalies
  • An Ontario, Canada area code