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Under theVSU Logo Opens in new window Office of CORE Services, the Victims Services Unit (VSU) provides assistance and information to crime victims and witnesses in Nassau County.  The Nassau County District Attorney’s Office (NCDA) recognizes that crime victims and their families, and witnesses to crimes, need support and information at every stage of a criminal proceeding.  VSU is staffed by Crime Victim Advocates and Legal Interpreters, who are assigned to various Bureaus throughout the office.  VSU assists victims, witnesses and their families, in navigating the criminal justice system and the process of a criminal case being prosecuted by the NCDA.  All services offered by VSU are free of charge and available in multiple languages.

Created in November of 2018, the Office of CORE Services centralizes NCDA’s various community and educational outreach functions, to ensure that every school district, senior center, neighborhood watch, group home, and faith-based institution receives access to NCDA’s rich variety of presentations and programming.  CORE also complements the vital quality assurance efforts of our offender-focused Office of Alternative Prosecution by gauging and overseeing the programs and services provided to our victims and witnesses.

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