Internet Safety

Internet Crimes

The internet offers boundless information at our fingertips, but the power and reach of technology can have a dark side and consequently, a negative impact for children and teens, who may suffer from bullying, harassment, and intimidation from their peers or become the victims of online predators or even performing illegal activity themselves both knowingly and unknowingly.  

As parents, we strive to always keep our children safe from harm, but with constantly changing technology, the introduction of new applications and social media networks, it can be challenging to keep up to speed on what our children are consuming and how.


The S.Stop Then Send logoT.O.P. Then Send program is a 45-minute PowerPoint presentation that educates children and teens how to avoid risky behavior that may compromise their safety on the Internet, the consequences and impact of cyberbullying and the lasting imprint of their digital lives. It also edifies parents and teachers on the warning signs, risks and tools needed to ensure kids safety.

NCDA makes available prosecutors from our office who investigate and prosecute online crimes. These prosecutors routinely speak at schools and other youth groups to warn our children against the dangers posed to them by the Internet and also provide similar information to parent groups as well.

The program includes actual demonstrations that captivate children and allow them to relate better when they are on the Internet in real-world situations.

We are teaching children: 

  • To recognize predatory behavior to help avoid unwelcome advances.
  • That their digital fingerprints can follow them for years to come - many children don’t fully comprehend the ramifications and long-term consequences of their online actions.
  • How to avoid cyberbullying.

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