Law Assistant (Part-Time)

The Nassau County District Attorney's Office is offering a program of part-time, flexible employment for second-year law students who are willing to work through their second and third years. Specifically, the job permits 17.5 hours per week (or 35 hours during a two-week period) at $15.25 dollars per hour. The degree of flexibility may vary from assignment to assignment within the office.

Required Materials

Applicants for this position must submit the following materials to the Chief Assistant District Attorney Albert J. Teichman, to be considered for an interview:


  • Only one submission is required. Do not submit duplicate sets of materials by alternate means.
  • Faxes and electronic signatures are accepted.
  • Materials may be sent by mail, email, or fax to 516-571-2266.

If you have questions call (516) 571-3387.